CBD Dosing for Horses

It is our mission to bring what we believe is a miracle plant to the rest of the world – for humans and companion animals. We believe that by providing the highest quality CBD products on the market, we can help millions of humans and pets around the world, and we believe we are doing that with HempWorx CBD Dog Treats and Hempworx CBD Oil for dogs, cats and horses.

For horses, we recommend the 750 mg bottle of HempWorx CBD Oil in “natural” flavor (as opposed to mint flavor).  In the 750mg CBD Oil, 20 drops = 15mg of CBD oil. 

Guidelines for CBD Dosage for Horses:

General Health: 40-80 mg/day of CBD oil
Chronic Pain: 100-200 mg/day of CBD oil
Ulcers/Acid Reflux: 80-100 mg/day of CBD oil
Anxiety: 80 mg/day of CBD oil
Pre-Race/Performance: 200 to 1,000 mg of CBD oil

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