Toxoplasmosis: Testimony

I’m Bernadette. Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with an infection in my brain due to toxoplasmosis that was misdiagnosed for years and progressed until I was slipping into a coma. I obviously survived this nightmare, but not without permanent damage to my brain and body. I spent over a month in the hospital and they sent home on medications that will eventually kill me but not even help the damage the infection has done.

My nerves on my right hand and arm make it difficult to do simple tasks.  Besides, the painful muscle spasms and constant shaking and twitching, I would constantly deal with headaches, blurry vision, as well as neurological issues causing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, schizophrenia etc. Everyday I fought just to make it through. Just being a mom was exhausting never mind anything extra that needed to get done and the medication only added more challenges and health risks (organ failure).

I researched and tried different approaches to help deal with it like essential oils, exercises, alcohol, cbd and marijuana with no positive changes. My husband spoke with a friend about Hempworx CBD oil helping her with depression and anxiety so I decided to give it a try before I officially gave up.

After the first few days, I noticed my fingers weren’t twitching as much and my arm wasn’t so sore and heavy. I haven’t had any headaches, I was sleeping better and not so sensitive to lights & sounds, and much less irritable with my kids. I was actually full of energy and happy completely simple tasks that I dreaded everyday.

Eight months later….my fingers are controlled, no spasms, no headaches, no side effects and no need for any medications. I feel like a completely new person. I’m happy, energetic, motivated, able to do simple things that I’ve missed.  I’m working again, I’m coloring, painting, and doing crafts with my little ones. Enjoying life and being happy!

Hempworx has changed my life and my families

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