Baron Fork Ridge offers artistic products created by Aponi Studios


Artistically themed mugs featuring horses, motorcycles, rusty relics and even Bigfoot!


Fine art photography matted & framed or “Floatmount”


All-Over-Print custom tees and GU Denim Collections Coming Soon!  Meanwhile enjoy these Aponi products.


Whatever you are designing, make it creative!

About the Studio

Aponi Studios is a freelance web design, photography and graphic art studio located amid the beautiful Ozark Mountains of NW Arkansas on a 60 acre homestead, Baron Fork Ridge.

Owner, Laurie Harris, has worked in the area of marketing and web design since 1998. Leaving the corporate field in 2006, she began operating freelance on a full time basis and has continued ever since. In addition to design and marketing, Laurie has spent more than 15 years as an event and commercial photographer, primarily within the equine and motorcycle fields. She has served as director of social media for several large scale national and international businesses over the years including Bikes, Blues and BBQ, Cavallo Horse & Rider, ACTHA and Sport and Trail Magazine. She spent almost 10 years at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Animal Science heading marketing and web design for the Equine Program.

Aponi photography, ads and articles have appeared in many major publications including Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated, Western Horseman, Savvy Times, Equus and numerous regional and breed association magazines. Aponi photography has also appeared in several motorcycle publications; Easy Riders, Ultimate MotorCycling Magazine and on many covers, including a Southwestern Bell phone book.


“Simply stated, Laurie Harris is an artist. She has utilized her artistic flair to promote the Equine Program and the Animal Science Department. She routinely develops marketing plans and strategies, determining the best way to maximize exposure for an event. In fact, many times, she has creatively recruited outside sources of funding for promotions. Look no further!”

Kathi Jogan
University of Arkansas Equine Program

“I strongly recommend Laurie Harris and Aponi Studios for any job that requires creativity, quick thinking, great marketing skills and a pleasant demeanor when working with people. I’ve had the pleasure working with Laurie as I have contracted her studio for three websites, a blog, marketing materials, business cards and photography. It has been a long and productive relationship from my perspective.Laurie is extremely adept at communicating her vision on each site in ways that I’d not anticipated, yet soon adopted and embraced. Laurie is efficient and effective in her professional role; any company that hires Laurie will find their money well spent.”

Lorel Hoffman
Brush Creek Horse Co. and Austin Permit

“Laurie Harris has answered Bikes Blues and BBQ’s need for “all things internet” in a huge way. Her website acumen and artistic eye combine to create a site that any business can use to present the most effective marketing tool imaginable. In the realm of social media, Laurie’s efforts quickly generated over 60,000 Facebook “friends” in a brief time utilizing innovative strategies that we never imagined. So, website presence and social media combined, you have the complete package, guaranteed to increase awareness and, most importantly, sales. We could not be happier with her work.”

Joe Giles
Former Executive Director

Websites by Aponi

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Aponi Studios Creative Services serves clients nationwide. Let us help you brand your business, get you recognized and create new customers and clients!



“We are living in a time like no other, where online businesses are on the rise and growing in this unprecedented world climate. Has there ever been a better time to take the leap and chase your dreams? I don’t think so! Build that business, start that idea and get growing.”


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